Six Proposals for a Twenty First Century University

Six Proposals for a Twenty First Century University


Presenting work from the AF 2016 Masterclass: Six Proposals for a Twenty-First Century University

On the fiftieth anniversary of the design of the Florey building in Oxford, the Architecture Foundation convened a four day masterclass at Stirling's building with the aim of exploring how the architecture of the university might rediscover the spirit of formal and social adventure that it so powerfully embodies. The Oxford that the studios addressed was not, however, the city that stands today but rather the idealised version depicted in an axonometric map from David Loggan's illustrated guide to Oxford from 1675. 

Loggan's map was divided into six sections, each worked into by studios led by 
Kersten Geers, Andrew Clancy and Colm Moore, Emanuel Christ and Victoria Easton, Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan, Stephanie MacDonald and Tom Emerson, and Go Hasegawa.

This is the first in a series of publications cataloguing ideas from the Architecture Foundation Masterclass, the second of which is due to take place in September this year.